Five Reasons Why Youth Leaders Need To Substitute Teach

substitute teacher

I’m writing this post because I have been a substitute teacher in the past. This is a GREAT youth ministry idea! I implore you to allow your church to give you one day a month to sub-teach in your school system/s. If you are a full-time youth pastor in your church, or even if you … Read more

I Want to Like Myself Youth Ministry Lesson Part 1

I Want To Like Myself

I want to like myself! This is the cry of many teenagers. Self Esteem is a big deal with teenagers. The pressure to fit in and be accepted is huge. What teens place their self-worth in is huge because as we know – the only solid place to place your self-worth in is in God’s … Read more



Psychologist is a fun easy to get going upfront game, mixer/ice breaker. Get into groups of 8-10 – select one student to leave the group while the youth leader explains what the group has as a diagnosis. Everyone in the group has the same diagnosis – for example: They all think they are the person … Read more