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About Youth Ministry Ideas

Welcome Youth Worker, Youth Pastor, Youth Director, Youth Minister, Youth Guy, or whatever other creative name your church has come up with.

My name is Steve Blanchard <<<<< Follow me on Facebook…I like to keep my friends to those I’ve actually met, but feel free to follow me as my posts are public. I’m a graduate of Colorado Christian University with a degree in Youth Ministry. My goal is to have fresh ideas come in to help youth leaders as time evolves. I too have been involved in this thing called, “Youth Ministry” for over  a decade now. Although I have served professionally as a youth and associate pastor in four churches – I’m currently volunteering my time in my local church. I really love working with teens and children – they are a blast!

To visit the blog posts >>>>>  BLOG

This blog started in 2006 to come up with ideas just for fun. So I have many years of ideas on here for you to use. You can search by category or use the search box on the side bar or just scroll through the blog.



Things to Check Out:

I’m looking for WRITERS! My goal is to have YOUTH MINISTRY IDEAS from around the world! This site has visitors from around the world already. You can become a writer for Youth Ministry Ideas. You will have your own user and login to this site and when you submit your post – it will be emailed out to my list and placed on all the socials.

Your articles will be published and you can link back to a site of your choice. If you want to write for Youth Ministry Ideas, please go to: SUBMIT YOUR IDEA page and sign up now!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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