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Tapout Acting

tapout acting

Now before you think this is about UFC – it’s not! Have two people sit in two chairs in front of the group. Give them a topic to begin acting out in front of the group. They can talk because it’s not charades. Whenever another student from the group wants to change up how the acting is going they can yell: Freeze! At this point, but actors freeze and then the student who yelled freeze goes up and taps one of them out and then the youth leader or student yells resume and the new actor then takes the story in a different direction while the opposite student does the best to go along with it.

This activity is a lot of fun and shows and gives students the ability to be creative. It is also quite entertaining especially if you have some expressive students in the group.

Rules: Just make sure everyone knows to keep it clean. Have it last as long as you want. Try to keep the students rotating instead of just one always being up front.

Variance: Have the youth leader call out a new scenario every time a student switches out.

Funny Friday #21

owl yelling hey


The expression is hilarious!

FREE Thanksgiving Lessons and Games

happy thanksgiving youth ministry lessons and games

Here is a full month of Thanksgiving lessons and also games for you to do for this month thanks to – make sure you check them out!

Week 1: Expressing Thanks

Lesson Objective: To help help students discover how 3 people in the Bible responded with thanks to God’s blessings, and lead students to be more thankful in their day-to-day lives.




Week 2: Changing Thankfulness

Lesson Objective: To help students understand how offering thanks to God expanded throughout the Bible, and what that means as they look for ways to offer their own thanks to God.


Changing Thankfulness

Changing Thankfulness powerpoint


Week 3: Thankful in All Things

Lesson Objective: To help students understand that a thankful heart involves more than just words and thoughts; it’s a spiritual attitude that develops when we give God thanks for all things.


ym360_Thanksgiving_Student Guide

Thanksgiving powerpoint


Week 4: Thankful in Praise

Lesson Objective: At a time when we are mindful of all we have, the proper response to God’s blessings is to praise Him for the favor He has showed us, and the great things He has done in our lives.


Thanksgiving powerpoint


Thanksgiving Games:

Thanksgiving Games

Music Video Devo

Music Video Devo

If a picture is worth a thousand words – then a video is worth a million??? IDK – but we know that music is a powerful tool and so is video. I don’t know how many times that I have shared a video and watched the students “tune-in”.

So try doing a video devo with your students. Pick out a Christian music video and watch it with your students and then have discussion about the video itself. You may want to watch the video once – have some discussion and then watch the video a second time to see if there is anything else that can be added to your discussion.

Prepare questions to have before you meet together. Break up into small groups to have better quality discussion as some students don’t like speaking out in front of a larger crowd.

Make sure to tie in the scriptures that the video is representing and have discussion about that too.

Alternatively you could have students make a music video with some strategically themed scripture verses being played out or lived out in the video and try to have the group then find what the theme/scripture is that they were going for.


Themed Youth Events

youth lock in

How long has it been since you did a themed youth night? Having a themed youth event is something that can attract new students while also doing something fun for the existing students that are interested in the theme.

The reasons to do this can be:

Fun – sometimes the goal is to have fun together and build positive memories that help students stay connected and associate good times with their youth ministry. We can all remember a fun event/s that we did with a youth ministry and so it builds an attraction or reason that some students would want to go and also it gives great opportunity to introduce them to God – either at a different even or maybe even the event itself has a discussion time where God is being introduced.

Outreach – Sometimes the goal is very focused in on outreach. The event is being planned strategically to get students in the community to show up. This type of event is often highly fun, may cost more because you are trying to bring things to the table that would make a student want to check it out. The goal is to share the gospel at some point of the event.

Building community – Sometimes a themed event is just good to build community within your existing youth ministry. Strengthening relationships within the youth ministry can be important to produce a more committed group of students. This may mean a leadership team, or it may mean just strengthening some relationships within the group.

Check out the old but still cool highlight of a Survivorz Lock-In event:

What benefits do you find in doing themed events?