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Games To Play While Taking a Trip In The Church Van

church van games

Going to camp? A concert? A mission’s trip?

Youth ministries are transporting students to events such as these every year, so I came up with some ideas for games to play in your church van or vehicle of transportation. If you have a game that you want to share – please feel free to comment what you play on your way to an event.

20 Questions – This is a game that you can play where someone starts by selecting something in their mind and it can be anything and then each person going around one at a time asks a question to help narrow down what it is. If you get to 20 questions and nobody has gotten the right answer – then allow for people to guess and if they still don’t get it right – then the person can reveal what it was. Play as many rounds as you wish.

Name That Tune – Have the co-pilot with an ipod, or music player of choice, with a playlist and have them start and pause quickly different parts of different songs and see who is the quickest to guess. Mix up the songs in terms of era and style for a well-rounded more challenging Name That Tune.

Lip Sync Videos – While on the trip – have the music up and have various students lip sync a song while video taping them. It can make a great playback if you can collect the videos. This can be hilarious especially when you get creative with the songs that are played and whether a male or female is doing the lip syncing. For example: A guy lip sinking a frozen song sung by Anna.

Guess The Bible Character – Come up with some creative descriptions of different people in the Bible and see which ones the students can guess. Obviously you want the description to describe the person in the Bible – but do it in a creative way.

Chinese Fire Drill – At some point or various points of the trip stop the vehicle and yell Chinese Fire Drill – or if you want to come up with your own name – that is fine and maybe more politically correct – and once you yell this out and the vehicle is stopped – everyone has to get out of the vehicle and run around it a few times or whatever time frame/laps you want to come up with – and then everyone gets back into the vehicle. Obviously be safe with this one and make sure students aren’t running around the vehicle with traffic whipping by them at 75mph or more. Do it in a safe spot. I think traditionally you got out at a red light and ran around the vehicle until the light turned green and everyone got back in – however – use judgement. Better safe than sued.

Story Telling By The Whole Group – This can be a lot of fun, but also intimidating for shy ones – so be prepared to maybe select ones that are okay with it, but don’t just count anyone out because maybe they do want to play – so give them a chance. This is simply a story that is made up on the fly by each individual in the vehicle. Someone starts the story out and then after they are done talking the next person picks it up and adds to it and so on. The story can become really hilarious and you may be surprised at student’s creativity with this one. It may make it easier for the group if you start the story out by giving it a little bit of a plot and then have them run with it!

The Round Game: Choose a topic such as Sports, board games, TV shows, cities, types of cereal, flowers, movies, etc. Then name something within that category. For example, for cereal the first player might say: “Cheerios.” Then the next player names another cereal. This continues until someone can’t think of a cereal item, then they are “out.” Play continues until there is only one person left. So you would stay on a category until you have exhausted it and then go to the next. You can also add in handicaps if you want like 3 passes or something like that if people are having a difficult time.

Make Em Laugh: One player is selected to keep a straight face and then one student at a time gets to ask them a simple question and the person trying to keep a straight face has to answer each question with: “My Shoe”. This game is hilarious and you will see how good some of them are at this and others are just not gonna make it after the first question.



What is your favorite game to play while driving on a long trip somewhere?


Pool Broncoing

swimming pool tube game

Materials Needed:

Get a quality pool tube – one with handles works best. You will need three ropes that can be attached to the tube and also reach outside of the tube for players to pull on it.

How To Play:

Each team will select a rider and also select a couple buckers. The team that is up first has their rider get on the tube. The other three teams have 2-3 people stationed on the ropes. When you yell Go or whatever you want to start the game. The three teams are pulling to try and “buck” off the rider. The team that has the longest time wins.

NOTE: If the tugging doesn’t seem to be doing much – you can add more people to tug or have the riders use 1 one ect.

Tons of fun to watch. As with any game/activity – please go over safety rules to keep people safe such as having adults be close to the sides of the pool in case a rider gets close to the side.

Funny Friday #20

back to the future

Hey looks like we got the HURv board going too lol (wish it was real) :)

Win It Wednesday: Bob’s Sweet Stripes!

Bob's Sweet Stripes

Ok – it’s time for this Win It Wednesday we have Bob’s Sweet Stripes! Yep – if you win – I will mail you Bob’s Sweet Stripes (a new container lol) to help freshen things up in your student ministry!

Rules to win:

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3) I will have the youth pastor at my church decide which comment he likes the best.

4) This begins now and ends Sunday March 9th at Noon Pacific Time.

NOTE: I have a lot of readers across different parts of the world so this contest is limited to United States!

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Jesus and Loving Others

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