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Human Foosball

A youth pastor friend of mine from South Dakota takes credit for this one.

On Oct. 28th, 06, we held a barn bash for our youth and it went great! To your right is a picture of students playing human foosball.

We constructed our human foosball machine out of 21 foot long 1 and 1/2 inch pipes. 2″ pvc pipe. Fence posts. Some special fittings to set the pipe on the fence posts. And we used orange snow fence to go around it and zip ties to fasten the snow fence to the fence posts. It was awesome!

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  1. Teresa McDaniel says:

    The human foosball game sounds great! I am interested in getting more details on the object and rules of the game.


  2. Jeff Thrane says:

    I am new to youth ministry and just had my first Ministry Team meeting with my youth team today. Similar ideas were discussed by the youth to have some sort of event similar to your Barn Bash. The human fooseball sounds brilliant. Just like Teresa McDaniel’s comment, I would also like more details on the object and rules of the game. Maybe a little more detail about constructing the game would be helpful, too. Thanks so much!

  3. steveblanchard says:

    Really, what I have posted is about all I know as I gave a picture of the one my buddy in South Dakota did to a team of people that reconstructed it using the materials I mentioned in the post. You definitely need a person that can cut and weld for the pipe. The snow fence was purchased at a Menards, but I suppose home depow or lowes would have it too.

    We cranked up music, threw in two balls for more action, and depending on how many people, keep them rotating through. The rules can be just like foosball.

    Tip: Don’t allow them to hang on the rungs or else it might come crashing down!

  4. crazy idea, but sounds like fun

  5. […] also read this too on the human foosball: Having something really fun to kick off the year is good because it draws many students out (even […]

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