Have a Senior Banquet

If you think you still can pull off a senior banquet than you are much more optimistic than myself. I don’t mean to discourage you, but I started off writing this way because this past Sunday evening we had a senior banquet at our church and it was awesome, but it takes some time to do.

This information would have been helpful about 2-3 months ago, so I’m sorry I didn’t write about it earlier. I hope that you are able to use some of the information to think about for next year.

Our senior banquet was two hours long. We held it from 5:30 – 7:30. We had the Jr.’s serve salad, main course, and dessert and coffee to the seniors (12th graders not the older folks – duh I know) and their parents. It’s also helpful to have about 10 adult volunteers to prepare food and support the juniors in serving the seniors.

The night started off with an upfront game where all the seniors we sitting in chairs on our platform in our sanctuary. Next the coordinator asked the seniors to pick a parent to stand behind them to help with the game. The game was called name that tune, however, we had the parents take a cup of water and they had to gargle the tune and their son or daughter tried to guess what the tune was – it was hilarious to watch. I think we had only 3 students out of 10 guess correctly.

Next we handed out to people sitting in circular tables a list of the seniors on the left-hand side and on the right was a list of song titles. We had 10 minutes to try and match up the students with the songs. Afterwards, the juniors walked on the stage one at a time to give away music awards to the seniors themed by their songs. It was hilarious to watch as the juniors read descriptive words about the student as the theme song played and they announced who it was to come up and claim their award. Since their are so many songs out their today it was really amazing how you can find a song that fits the personality of a student.

Next we were served coffee and cake while we watched a slide show on each senior with pictures of when they were babies to their senior picture. When the slide show got to the picture of the student as a senior it paused as a pre-recorded blessing was played to that student from the parents – talk about bringing out the tissue paper!

After we ended the slide show, all of the seniors were asked to come forwarded while the rest of us (parents and youth staff and juniors) gathered around them to pray a blessing over them to end the evening.

The evening was great as many hugs and tears took place throughout the evening – after experiencing this for my first time, I realized how very significant it was for all groups (staff, parents, seniors, and juniors).

Be flexible and unique to your students and make sure that you give about 3 months of planning so that you can get all of the recordings together and edited.

Have fun with it!

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