How to Gear Up For the Fall

In only six short weeks you’re going to see lots of changes. If you live near the high school that you minister to you will begin to hear the sounds of marching band. Just the other day I already saw commercials for NFL. That’s right folks, fall is approaching quickly and for many of us that means getting ready for the 2007 – 2008 school year!

So how do you get ready? If you have been doing youth ministry for over 3 years you probably are getting a handle on this, but if your less than 3 years I wanted to share some things to do:

  1. Begin to pray about who is going to be involved for the fall. Always pray because maybe a person that has been doing volunteer youth work for some time now needs this year off. I believe that the Lord can show you this but you must pray so that He can help reveal this to you. Also it’s good to pray to prepare for new potential volunteers in your ministry.
  2. Begin recruiting now. Now would be a great time to begin getting the word out about joining the youth ministry team. Remember, people need some time to think and pray and to hear about the opportunity several times before they make any commitments. You can begin this by picking out a couple of dates in August for staff meetings for those wanting to be involved and then put it in the church bulletin. For example at my last church we would not have youth group the last two Wednesdays in August and made those two nights prepping the team for the fall.
  3. Plan for a weekend retreat. Again, pick dates now and do a Friday night get-a-way where you can spend some good time with your staff people. I suggest that you try what I wrote about earlier:¬†Make sure that you are well prepared for this and have as much of the school year planned out as possible. Volunteer staff don’t like to try and come up with everything. Go ahead and make the plans then if something needs to be tweaked or changed it can be done during the meeting time. Also make sure you do some things during this time to really get to know one another and make sure that you have fun with one another too!
  4. Set a date to Kick Off the fall! If you live in the midwest do a barn bash! You can read about a barn bash here:¬† Having something really fun to kick off the year is good because it draws many students out (even new ones) and it sort of sets in the minds of the students that it’s back to going to youth group.

If you have any other great ideas I would definitely like to read them. Hope this helps as the fall is approaching fast!

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One thought on “How to Gear Up For the Fall

  1. Dang…but you’re right. The fall will be here very, very quickly. Thanks for the pointers. We’re going to have to get on it to recruit some new SGL’s too.

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