Temptation Middle School – James 1:13-21

Below is a picture outline to James 1:13-21. I do not currently have any word doc notes with this one, however, I have found that images while you speak really help drive home the points that you make.

I currently speak to Jr. high youth and love it. It is such a great age group to minister to. I hope the following picture outline done on power point will help you explain the passage to your students. Please feel free to change and use different images. If you have lessons or games that are great, please consider sending it to youth ministry ideas. Click on the about page on how to do this.

Another idea is to set up your room so that there are items in it that would be tempting for Jr. highers to want to eat or touch. Some examples would be: plate of cookies, 12 pack of Mt. Dew, a place set up for video games. You must however tell them not to touch any of these things are else I guarantee that they will.

I entitled the talk, “Temptation Middle School” because the passage speaks that temptations aren’t from God, but actually are from within side us, “evil desire” is what the scripture says. I mentioned the 3 most popular temptations in my mind: Money, Opposite Sex, Fame/Power. You can really help them with their temptations! James offers a great solution towards the end of the passage which is to throw out the trash and accept the word already planted in them.

You’ll notice that the when I get to that in the slide that I have a blank slide for the opposite sex temptation. I used a barbie doll and the hulk and did a mock barbie asking the hulk out on a date. You can do many different things with this, but hopefully this gets the idea juices flowing.

Temptation Middle School JamesĀ 1:13-21

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