Disciples now, web-based ministry, allies with faithstreams network

 The below information was submitted to me by Scott Rosenblum who is involved in Catholic Youth Ministry.

Alliance Provides Expanded Offerings for Catholic Teens, Young Adults and Youth Ministers
NEW YORK – FaithStreams Network and Disciples Now have entered an alliance to provide expanded offerings for Catholic youth on the web.  Disciples Now, a collaborating member of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, is a leading web site for teens, young adults and youth ministers. FaithStreams Network provides web-based solutions that help congregations enhance communications and deepen member engagement. DisciplesNow.com will maintain its current web address.
“For eight years, DisciplesNow.com has been the place for Catholic teens on the web, said Paul Raspa, founder of Disciples Now “Tens of thousands of teens, youth ministers, teachers, and parents have come to rely on Disciples Now as a dependable resource for Catholic teachings and how those apply to the daily life of young people. This new alliance leverages the solid content of Disciples Now with the dynamic community of the FaithStreams Network. This is truly an exciting opportunity for the young Catholic church in the United States,”
“We are pleased to join our efforts with Disciples Now . Their presence will significantly expand our content offerings for Catholic youth,” said Edward J. Murray, president and CEO of Faith & Values Media, producer of the FaithStreams Network. “This alliance is an important step toward establishing FaithStreams Network as a hub of faith-based community interaction on the web.”
About Disciples Now Ministries
Disciples Now Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which provides a web-based ministry for Catholic youth focused on the traditions, life and mission of the Catholic faith community. Leadership for Disciples Now Ministries is provided by a Board of Directors. The organization is closely affiliated with the Archdiocese of Baltimore which provides oversight of the catechetical content.
Disciples Now Ministries was formed by a group of youth ministry professionals in Baltimore, Maryland in July 1999. The web site debuted at the National Catholic Youth Conference in November of that year. Since then a group of dedicated volunteers has continued to enhance and expand the Disciples Now initiative. Daily operations and editorial review are handled by adults with significant background in youth ministry and catechesis. They are supported by a diverse group of consultants from across the country representing various facets of Catholic ministry and technology. www.DisciplesNow.com
About Faith & Values Media
Faith & Values Media is the nation’s largest coalition of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith groups dedicated to using electronic media to enrich spiritual life and build bridges of understanding among people of faith. Its member association encompasses more than 200,000 congregations with 120 million congregants. A list of member faith groups and organizations is available on faithandvaluesmedia.org. The award-winning programming services of Faith & Values Media are available on Hallmark Channel and on faithstreams.com. Faith & Values Media is a service of the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, Inc., established in 1987.
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