Youth Pastor Office Pictures

A little while back, I asked for some youth pastor office picks HERE.

I wanted to share a couple that responded which I believe shows the two opposite spectrums of youth pastors: organized and unorganized. Now, we all fall somewhere inbetween these two office spaces. I have to give Joe a little credit as I have seen even messier ones (admittedly mine).

Thanks guys for sharing your youth pastor office spaces with us.

The first 3 are from:

Kevin Twombly | Generations Pastor | Grace Capital Church
542 Pembroke St. | Pembroke, NH 03275 | 603.415.4000| 

Kevin Twombly Desk

Kevin definitely wins the clean desk award and claims that he did not clean it just for the photo.

Here are a couple of other shots of Kevin’s office:

Kevins Books

Kevins Couch

The next few photos are from:

Joe Insell
Church site

Joe’s Desk

I think in my mind this is probably what a lot of people think when they think youth pastor office.

Joe’s Books

Joe’s Couch

Thanks again guys for sharing your office spaces. I have been getting some curiosity on what other youth pastors are doing for their youth rooms in the church. Maybe you have a youth center or building that is dedicated for youth ministry.

If so, please go ahead and send them.

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