Amazing Race

          Hi !! Youth leader shouting out from PA. So great of you to share ideas with everyone. My favorite idea that my youth beg for each year is our Amazing race. It takes a bit of prep work but it is so much fun. The idea of the race is to find information from clues or to bring back an item from your Race list.

I started out planning by going around our community searching for history sites and preparing questions for the youth to find the answers to. Some examples were:

the oldest church in our area had an amazing stained glass. From the sidewalk you could see the image. What image did you see? Another was directions to see the oldest cemetery in our town. It was a tiny little cemetery. Their job was to find the stone with my last name written on it and write the first name of that person. I also had some non historical questions. Lowe’s offered us a free paint hat and paint stick . All the youth had to do was go to the paint counter and ask for it.  They had to buy a bone from the pet shop. I also sent them to the mall and they had to take their photo in the photo booth. Each one in the group that was in a team had to be represented in the photo. I only gave them bills so they had to ask around for change. The bowling alley gave them free passes to bowl. They had to wash their car at the car wash. They were given a free prepaid gift from our local christian book store.

The ideas are endless and we have had so much fun with this activity. To plan simpley break the groups into teams. Plan ahead and put an envelop numbered in each packet for each team. The envelop will give the rules such as respect for business property.
They also should include a name tag or emblem that the business would know to look for. They also contain directions, question , and if needed money. I usually have adult drivers set up so there is no speeding going on. I usually mix up the places the youth attend so each team isn’t at the same location at the same time. Their last stop is a local ice cream parlor where we have a cone and tally who has all their belongings and answers.

Thanks for letting me share. I have so many more ideas that I’ll stop back again.

Nikki Hinkle PA
Grace United Methodist church

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