Church Camp Ideas Contest

The Rethinking Youth Ministry blog is inviting youth leaders to share their summer church camp ideas with the world with a special contest.  What are the great activities, fun games, crazy theme night, creative craft projects, special worship experiences, and other meaningful traditions you do at camp each summer?  Share them with other youth ministers by posting a comment and be entered in a drawing for one of three prize packages of free youth ministry resources.  Contest ends Saturday, June 7.

Prize Package #1:

Spontaneous Melodramas 2 by Doug Fields, Laurie Polich, Duffy Robbins

Branded: Adolescents converting from Consumer Faith by Katherince Turpin

Prize Package #2:

Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagersby Chap Clark

Meeting Space ideas for Youth Ministry by Todd Outcalt

Prize Package 3:

PSpiritual Formation by Mike King 


resence-Centered Youth Ministry: Guiding Students into

CLICK HERE submit your idea for a chance to win these prizes.

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4 thoughts on “Church Camp Ideas Contest

  1. As tradition on the day the youth are to go home we wake early early am and go for a polar bear swim in the pool. It is summer but a non heated pool in the mountians can be pretty chilly.

    Each cabin also create something,plays a song or a skit explaining something they learned while at camp. It can be an amazing time of worship.

    Nikki 🙂

  2. Every year we have Camps for all Youths in our Region – separated into groups; Senoir Youth Councils (14-30), Junior Youth Councils (7-13), Corps Cadet Retreat (all youths attending this special Course. We have lots of fun- great worships,exporation of new diets and ideas, great lessons to learn,and mostly the blessings of meeting our other brothers and sisters. Many lives are changed when the Youths attend a Youth Council so it is really wise to encourage as many Youths as possible to attend this special events even if they do not happen to be associated with a Youth Group

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