Ways to Supplement Your Youth Pastor Salary

I’ve heard story after story and have even been there myself about the lower wages of being a Youth Pastor. So let me share with you what I currently do. Others that I know also are able to supplement their incomes too by doing some of the things that I do. Oh and by the way just because this post says 2008 doesn’t mean it’s old news – if your reading this it means I can still help you…matter of fact I just updated this post as of September 2011. But regardless of the date I can work with you.

What is it that I do? I blog and earn income because of the traffic that I receive. This is the simplest way I can say it. There are steps to getting it to that point and I can share them with you. Are you interested in doing the same thing? If yes, please go to the contact form page above and let me know that you are interested and I will work with you step by step. I have some other ideas too if you don’t want to blog that I can share with you.

Please realize that the steps I will go over with you do take time and you will need to decide how much time you will spend on these things and balancing a youth ministry program and time with your family. However, with some diligent work and time, you can supplement your salary for whatever you need this extra source to do.

So if you are interested Contact Me

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2 thoughts on “Ways to Supplement Your Youth Pastor Salary

  1. I am now working with youth leaders directly on a plan that they can use to supplement their salary’s. please just contact me and I can come up with a plan for you to grow some extra money on the side for you and your family

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