Youth Ministry Halloween Ideas

I understand that everyone has their own youth ministry convictions about what to do and not to do for Halloween. With that being said, I wanted to string together some ideas and hopefully there is something that will work for your youth ministry.

Pumpkin Bowling: I love this game. It’s really easy to set up and do. You will need 6 2liter bottles for the pins and 2-3 pumpkins (because they break) per bowling alley you want to create. It’s best to have someone helping with the pumpkins and someone also to set up the pins.

Pumpkin Puzzles: Each team is given a pumpkin. Make 3-6 slices by cutting the pumpkin into pieces, then each team then switches and then they have to re-create the pumpkin using tooth picks. The quickest to recreate the pumpkin wins.

Tell the original meaning of Halloween: You can gather some resources such as from wikipedia and other resources and tell the original story of Halloween. Every year you should find some kids that didn’t know the origins being an all saints day.

Stories of Christian Heroes Around a Bonfire: Utilizing Hebrews chapter 11 and 12. You can pick people in the church that have died and share about the faith they had and what they did for Christ or you could pick some from Jesus Freaks.

I would try and encourage you to not just skip the opportunity of utilizing the Halloween time to your advantage. Kids during this time are thinking of spiritual things naturally with all of the media covering the event. Did you know that Halloween is now #2 behind Christmas for decorations? Makes sense as people purchase costumes and decorations for their homes.

What other last minute ideas could you add to this list?

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5 thoughts on “Youth Ministry Halloween Ideas

  1. We’re doing a version of Rock, Paper, Scissors only fall themed called Scarecrow, Crow, and Jack-o-Lantern.

    The scarecrow (Obviously) scares the crow, the crow eats the jack-o-lantern, and the jack-o-lantern burns down the scarecrow. Make up motions for each and then have the kids stand in two lines (one right across from each other) and with backs turned count to three. Then they must turn and make one of the motions at the person across from them and the loser is eliminated. The line with the most people left over after a few rounds wins.

  2. Hey, great ideas. I especially like the pumplin puzzles. I can definitely see that being a hit at a harvest themed event. Thanks for continuing to host such a great blog!

  3. This year we are doing a fall fest. Everyone is dressing as their favorite Bible characters. We are doing different themes in different rooms. In one room we are having a bean bag toss. We are having a man dress as daniel and the goal is to knock down lions with a bean bag. Another room is the garden of eden. There will be a tree in the center of the room full of apples and the goal is to find the good apple out of all the bad ones. Each room will have a bible verse and story to go along with the room. Hope some of my ideas can be useful to others. Good Luck!

  4. I like the pumpkin puzzle. I’m going to do some of those and add some of mine ideas. One idea the kids will have to measure different things in our facility using a pumpkin, example: Measure the lenght of mine mini van using a pumpkin – of course that game will require from the leader to measure everything it’s listed before hand.

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