Thanksgiving Ideas For Youth Ministry

Here are some thanksgiving ideas for your youth ministry:

  1. Have an Unplugged Youth Group Night – What’s that? Recently my family went to Madagascar 2 ( which I didn’t like as much as the first one, but anyways..) and before the movie had started there was a preview about an old fashioned Christmas. What was happening was everyone in the family was doing something like playing video games, listening to music, watching TV and finally the mom goes down into the utility room and flips the power switch off and then lights some candles and the family all sits around together under candle light and opens gifts. So I thought that would be such a great thanksgiving idea. For youth group, basically have nothing on (no music, no lights, no to anything powered) and then have some candles lit so that people can see. Then pass around some sheets with music lyrics on it and have your song leader play some worship songs with an acustic guitar and in-between the songs have 1 or 2 people prepared to say something that they are thankful for. If you want you can also have a meal and pray specifically what you are thankful for.
  2. Canned food drive for the needy – Have your youth ministry plan an outing to collect canned goods in your neighborhood/s for the needy and then take them to your local food pantry. You can even have the youth share about their faith like during the D2S conference.
  3. Most creative pumpkin pie – Have a night where you divide up into team and have each team bake a pumpkin pie, however, have some extra ingredients available for them to add to their pie. Once the pies are baked, have the youth leaders judge by appearance and taste of which team’s pie is the best.
  4. Progressive Dinner at Seniors Homes – Pick some seniors homes to host a progressive dinner. You will need to do some planning with this so that you aren’t driving around too much. Basically start at one seniors house with appetizers and once you are done have everyone drive to the next home and have the main course, and then another for dessert and coffee. It’s also a fun way to see inside the homes. If you have a large group this will be administrative deal trying to break things down because it’s hard to have more than 15 at someone’s home so pick and choose wisely.

Got some other thanksgiving youth ministry ideas? Let everyone know by commenting on this post.

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