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Make Your Own Wall Posters

You guys have probably seen a commercial or even visited, but did you realize that you can make your own wall posters for your youth ministry?

There are a couple of places I found that will allow you to upload your image and then you can either print out the enlarged photo yourself or you can use another service that will enlarge it for you even with adhesive so that you can stick it to your wall.

The first service is completely free to do. It’s called and all you do is upload the image and then it will cut up the image into sections and blow them up and then all you have to do is download the document and print out the pages and then put them together and stick it to your wall – I thought it was pretty cool.

The second service is a paid service, but has some great elements that allow you to get your new poster with adhesive on the back so it’s easy to stick up and they have it all printed and shipped for you. They are called Wall Hogs and you can check out their pricing.

With these ideas, you could then place on your youth room walls some pretty cool artwork of your youth ministry trips and make the room enhanced and unique. We just got done creating a Jr. High room and so I’m going to try out probably the free version and see how it goes.

I sense some new artwork coming in 2009 to youth rooms?

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  1. Brian K says:

    Very cool. Thanks for passing this on!

  2. Steve,

    Your readers may be interested in a post I’ve created on this topic: I list several printers I’ve found that offer the option to print your own wall cling.

    I haven’t heard of – I’ll have to check them out!

    Tim Leonhardt
    Photo Freedom

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