Marshmallow Fighting Game

carl whipping a marshmellow

Want a quick and easy game for your youth group?

Try buying some bags of marshmallows depending on the size of your group and then at some point during the meeting bust them out and begin firing them around.

This summer we have been meeting in different places other then the normal spot, but one of the games that was really fun was when we decided to do a marshmallow fight towards the end of our meeting time.

Here’s Why You Should Try:

  • Cheap – not much to get some bags of marshmallows. I would eve suggest buying the generic kind since you are just throwing them – no need to get spendy on brand-name.
  • Easy – Talk about no prep and not a lot of explaining. Once a few see you and the leaders whipping those around, they will naturally start throwing them too.
  • Fun – I was surprised at how much fun we were having just doing something silly and easy.
  • Not much prep – some games are just a lot of prep time, but this game you just need to get the marshmallows.

Only thing I would say is that if it gets a little cold – Marshmallows can really sting (just experience talking)

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