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Amazing Cell Phone Race Youth Ministry Activity

iphone game

If you are looking for a fun youth ministry activity for the evening try doing the Amazing Cell Phone Race!

What is it or what’s the goal?

The goal is the first team to complete all check-in points and return to the meeting place wins! So basically you are going to create a map of places that they need to go to in order to check in and get the necessary clue for the next place they need to find until they get the message to come back to the meeting place.

How does it work?

You will need to divide up into groups and those groups should fit into vehicles so if you all have just cars then say a max of 5 in a group. The groups should have a group leader with a cell phone to check in. When the group gets to the right destination they need to check in with the phone # listed or it can just be the same phone # each time. The group leader will text into the # what the card says so that the team can get the next clue/s and then they are off to the races. The group will need to check in with a photo of the entire group at the correct destination to prevent cheating.


If you will be doing this activity around town you will need to obviously be able to put your mark somehow at the destination that will confirm that they are in the right place and so with that make it a place that nobody will steal your marking. However, you could just make it a place where you don’t need a marking but to prevent cheating the group must check in with a group photo showing that they are at the right place. Make sure that leaders have cell phones with text and pic messaging. Make sure the coordinator has a correct list of the next destination. Also you may consider having a coordinator that each team checks in with so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. You may also want to make it so that each group has an adult driver that obeys the traffic laws – just saying.

Make sure you come up with and have everyone understand your rules!

So plan ahead and make sure that you have everyone including leaders on board with what you are going to be doing and then have a fun evening with your youth ministry!

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Cell Phone Race Youth Ministry Activity

  1. Hey this is a great idea. We used to do a combined event with other youth ministries and made it city wide. It really connected students from different churches together and helped them to see how many students they went to school with who were Christians. This was before the proliferation of cell phones, but we had volunteers at each stop. Each team was given a map with numbers printed all over it. At each location there was something that the team had to do, solve, etc in order to get the next code telling them where to go. We let the local police in on what we were doing and told the teams that speeding or any traffic violation was not allowed and would disqualify the team. (We did have all adult drivers, but even adults can be tempted in the spirit of competition) We actually shot a promo video from the local police station with all of us leaders lock up in the jail. We ended the night with some food and a talk. It became an annual event for a while. Great times, students talked about it for months.

  2. Brilliant idea! This is a step up from the older version. Students are so connected these days that you could almost do it with Facebook, but also require a photo text to prove they are telling the truth. Its always fun to find creative ways to use media and technology to build the kingdom!

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