youth ministry thanksgiving ideas

Thanksgiving Day Youth Ministry Ideas

thanksgiving youth ministry ideas

Here are some thanksgiving youth ministry ideas and activities that you can begin preparing for around Thanksgiving day in your youth ministry.

  • Gourd Hockey – Yep just find some small sized gourds and yes hockey sticks would be best but can probably be replaced with some type of tough broom. You don’t hafta be on the ice for this and you just play like you would hockey. Make sure you enforce and reenforce safety while swinging.
  • Pumpkin Bowling – Empty 10 1 or 2 liter bottles. I suggest having a little water in the bottom for better sturdiness but not too much. Be careful on the size of the pumpkin on this one because pumpkins are pretty heavy and also have backup pumpkins because they definitely break on you.
  • Turkey Football Bash – Sounds messy doesn’t it. There is couple things you can do: dress up a football to look like a turkey or use a real (small) turkey. Have students pair up back to back and and link their arms. One person will be holding the football turkey while the other is not. Basically the game is to see who can survive the longest holding on and not fumbling their football turkey. If they unlink arms or drop their football turkey – they are out. last team left with their football turkey wins! Yes they can move around and bump into each other and the person with out the football in their hands will try to knock out other teams footballs – pretty funny to watch.
  • Pin The Football Between The Goal Posts – This is a very kiddish sort of game but with the right attitude I think any age will play it. Basically you are playing a football version of pin the tail on the donkey. Make the footballs, make the pinning wall or space, spin them around blind-folded and let them try to put it between the uprights.
  • Baking Night – Have a few adults that are into baking come up with a baking night and whoever wants to learn how to bake some of the yummy pies or cookies or other yummy stuff (maybe even a turkey!). This could be a really fun intimate time with some of your students. While waiting for the food to bake you can speak with them about thankfulness and what they are thankful for.

There are more Youth Ministry Thanksgiving Ideas Here.

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