ninja game

Ninja and Waa

ninja game

Two games for one post! The main game that I will explain is call Ninja. This game has been around for 2 – 3 years and probably longer then that, but I haven’t ever posted about it and if you haven’t played it before – its a great non-prep game.

How to play: Have everyone stand in a circle and then all at the same time strike a pose like a Ninja.  One person goes at a time and pick a direction clock or counterclockwise.  Basically the person whose turn it is will try to touch/hit the hand of another person with their hand all in one motion.  The person they are trying to attack can make only one motion to move out of the way.  Both the attacker and one being attacked must freeze at the end of their motion until its their turn again. Play until 1 is left.

Game Size: a few to probably no more then 15 with about 8-10 in a group being the best.

Tips and Fun Stuff: Make sure kids are aware this is a game and therefore their chopping ninja motions are not supposed to be hurting their fellow players. It’s also recommended that hands are visible at all times of playing. A spin, or a roll, or jumping is considered one motion each.

Although totally optional – when playing the game – the following YouTube video is fun to play while the students are playing.

BONUS: below that video is a video of students playing the game and also a similar bonus game called Waa!

Have fun!


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2 thoughts on “Ninja and Waa

  1. We do Massive Ninja Battle with our whole group.  We’ve done it with as many as 70 kids.  Divide into two teams, (we give each team colored headbands and wrist bands) assign each student a number from 1-4(write it on their hand) then call out the numbers, only the number called are the attackers. The rest of the game is the same.  Can attack anyone, can only move if it is your turn or you are being attacked.  Doube/triple/quadruple teaming is allowed and even encouraged.  hugely fun this way.

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