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March 2012 Give-Away Cool Coffee Mug

by Steve on March 2, 2012

caffeine coffee mug

In January’s Give-Away, I had a couple comments about my Superman Coffee mug – so I’m going to let the winner of this month’s give-away pick from a variety of cool coffee mugs.

I’m excited about this month’s give-away: Cool Coffee Mugs. If you win you will get to pick from one of the cool coffee mugs on their website!

How to be entered for this month’s give-away:

Write up a youth ministry blog post about the thing or things you love most about youth ministry – you may normally already do this. The topic can actually be anything youth ministry related – somewhere in the post place a link back to my site (youthministryideas.net). Use a keyword phrase for example: youth ministry games, youth ministry lessons, youth ministry humor, youth ministry ideas or whatever. Notice when you click any of those links they come to YouthMinistryIdeas.net. So when someone clicks on the link inside your blog post – it comes back to this site.

In order for your post to qualify – you must use one of the following places:

That should give you a few options and maybe inspire you to keep blogging. Some of the platforms are really good! If you have another blogging platform you are using – that is fine too. Writing a post up on a social media site such as Facebook or any other one will not count.

Once you have completed your post – leave a comment below with a link to your post so I can read it. A winner will be selected at the end of the month based on the post that I like. Have fun. Couple more coffee mug shots:

moustache coffee mug

rubiks cube coffee mug

Bonus: You get extra credit for liking and sharing!

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Kyle Corbin
Kyle Corbin

Hey, sorry to comeback ages later, I won this one and never received my mug.

Kyle Corbin
Kyle Corbin

Alright I liked and shared and now I have blogged ( kylecorbin.blogspot.com ).

Steve Blanchard
Steve Blanchard

Kyle if you click on messages inside your Facebook you should also see "other" just below your messages - click on that and maybe you will see my message in that one. Basically you have to pick out a new mug because they don't have it.

Steve Blanchard
Steve Blanchard

Yes Kyle - I sent a message back to you about why that is. Please read that first and then I will be getting it done this week.

Steve Blanchard
Steve Blanchard

Perfect example for others to follow as to how to write up a blog post and be entered to win. Great job!

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