Thanksgiving Ideas For Youth Ministry 2012

Thanksgiving Ideas For Youth Ministry!

Doing something a bit different this time. Please share (VIA COMMENTS) what you have done with your students for Thanksgiving Time!

Last Year’s Thanksgiving Ideas – can help spark some ideas.

Leave Your Thanksgiving Ideas For Youth Ministry Below: (many ways to log in and post) What say you?

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9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Ideas For Youth Ministry 2012

  1. We’re going to do Turkey bowling tonight!! With a chicken “candle-pin” option as well. 🙂 Our lesson tonight is on praying with thanksgiving and we’ll be writing thank you’s to donors of our latest missions project as well as others in our lives who deserve thanks and, of course, thanks to God for all our bountiful blessings! Next week, we’ll be helping prep for our church’s big Thanksgiving dinner outreach.

  2. I’ve spent a few months working with the youth on cooking skills. We worked on cutting, sanitation, and cooking techniques. We’ll be going to work with another church thatwill be hosting a thanksgiving meal for the community.

  3. @pastorben1 Ben – this is awesome. I think it would be awesome to have small groups learn how to cook a meal and have a good time doing it. Love the idea of reaching out to the community too!

  4. We have been cooking and serving dinner for those who participate in our community food pantry for the past 2 years and plan on doing it again this year.   Kids have the opportunity to help cook the meal, set up our social hall, serve our guests, eat/fellowship with our guests, and then clean up.  The kids love this!!

  5. @CarolCorbett I was wondering if you can give me more details how it’s played. This Sunday is our Thanksgiving service, followed by a church dinner, I was wondering if this is something I can incorporate in it.

  6. @ymideas I actually am by vocation a chef, so lots of my sermon illustrations are food based, and many of our activities circle around food as well. I think it’s taken on a culture of our group.

  7. @pastorben1  @CarolCorbett It’s pretty much just like it sounds…bowling with a Turkey instead of a ball. We have actual bowling pins, but if you don’t you can use empty two-liter soda bottles. We put a tape line on the floor for the fault line and tape dots where each pin should go for easy resetting. One team bowls and the other resets the pins and returns the “ball” to them. I recommend getting a bird that has netting around it as the netting serves as a handle and makes it easier to throw. IMPORTANT: THE BIRD MUST BE FROZEN! I get a smaller one (11 lbs) so it’s not too hard for the girls to throw…another option is to also get a frozen chicken as a “candle-pin ball.” I will warn you, sometimes some of the ink from the package comes off on the floor or a small hole will develop…but the bird will remain frozen and is completely fine to eat after being washed, thawed and cooked. 🙂 Have fun! It’s a riot!!

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