I Want to Like Myself Youth Ministry Lesson Part 1

I Want To Like Myself

I want to like myself! This is the cry of many teenagers. Self Esteem is a big deal with teenagers. The pressure to fit in and be accepted is huge. What teens place their self-worth in is huge because as we know – the only solid place to place your self-worth in is in God’s … Read more

Four Youth Ministry Lessons From Fantastic Four 2015

Fantastic Four 2015

Here are the four youth ministry lessons from fantastic four 2015: 1) Strength in Diversity – In the movie we have a stretchable professor, invisible woman, a human torch, and a hulkish rock dude. Although Dr. Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm each are very different – together they use their powers to … Read more

FREE Thanksgiving Lessons and Games

happy thanksgiving youth ministry lessons and games

Here is a full month of Thanksgiving lessons and also games for you to do for this month thanks to YouthMinistry360.com – make sure you check them out! Week 1: Expressing Thanks Lesson Objective: To help help students discover how 3 people in the Bible responded with thanks to God’s blessings, and lead students to … Read more

Music Video Devo

Music Video Devo

If a picture is worth a thousand words – then a video is worth a million??? IDK – but we know that music is a powerful tool and so is video. I don’t know how many times that I have shared a video and watched the students “tune-in”. So try doing a video devo with … Read more

Worship Song Message

worship song

We all know and understand the power of music! So many times we sing songs but rarely take the time to ever breakdown what the song is really about. Take the time to contemplate a song’s lyrics. What does it mean scripturally? What emotions does the song evoke? What does the song generally say? What … Read more