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1) Create Your Site: Give your site a title and a main image and select a color. You can also add a YouTube video if you wish and then you will need to fill out how much your looking to raise and a description of what you are doing with the raised amount.

2) Share Your Page With Your Friends: Share it on Facebook so that you can get people taking a look at your new fundraising site. Place your fundraising site into your church bulletin so that people can see it and go to it. Place your fundraising site on your church’s Facebook page – your youth page – and challenge your students to a sharing contest! You never know the power of who will see this when it gets shared with everybody’s friends and family.

3) Collect The Donations: They make it so safe and easy for people to donate. They just click on the donate button and select their payment option and then donate! Your site gets updated then on how much you have raised.




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